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Running application and / or site owners rights application, Mixit (referred to collectively hereinafter - "Operator") than access to the application subject to the conditions listed below.
Please review the terms of use since the use and application of your activities constitute your acceptance of the terms of use without any limitation or qualification. Terms of Use regulate the relationship between the operator and any person surfing and / or watching and / or otherwise using the application or the information contained therein.
Stated gender are for convenience only, and refers to women and men alike.
Use application unconditional consent to comply with and be bound by the following terms of use.
If you do not agree to these terms of use, you may / Z go to the site and / or the Site or make any use of it.

Operator is not responsible in any way the availability of information, quality of information, accuracy of information and the last word regarding any subject related information will be of merchants.
The operator shall not be under any responsibility in respect of incorrect information / deficiency will resolve any claim subject,
The information provided in the application Mixit and / or the site is for information only.
Mixit not be liable for loss of profits, revenue or data, economic losses or consequential damages, of any kind.
Content may not be current, accurate or complete. Yes there may be bugs, security breaches, and more.
Use of this website is the sole responsibility of the user.
Mixit has the right to terminate / modify any aspect of the Service at any time.
Do not make illegal use application of any kind, including efforts to obtain information about other people.
The user continued to use the service Mixit after the posting of changes to these terms indicates that the user has received and agreed to all the changes mentioned above.
The user is not allowed to use the service Mixit downloads massive chunks of information.
User is not allowed to send spam, transmit harmful computer programs of any kind, or to interfere with service Mixit.
Service Mixit has the right to terminate a User's access to the service, at its sole discretion.
There is a potential information contained in the application, fell disruptions proofreading, drafting, mistakes and more, Mixit not responsible for any damage caused by the existence of these disruptions.
Mixit is not responsible for damage that may be caused by a defect or malfunction or incorrect operation of the software that runs the application or application access and / or website.
The user application's responsibility to make viruses do not penetrate the system in which it uses a user to take all measures to save the password and the unique code enabling access to information.

By using the application Mixit users waive any claim, demand or claim of any kind to have Mixit.
It is clarified that Mixit has not reviewed the contents published by third party on the site, and is not responsible for their contents. For the avoidance of doubt, Mixit is not and will not be party to any such transaction. The user hereby waive fully and irrevocably, any claim and / or claim against the Association in relation to information, publications such contents.
Mixit not provide any liability for the content of services, functions, or the reliability, availability, or compliance needs. Mixit provides the services "as is".
The service includes information provided - by third parties. Service Mixit not undertake the accuracy / completeness of information provided - by these parties, and they may change from time to time. Possible that changes in the information and / or data will not be reflected in the application.
Operator is not responsible in any way the availability of information, quality of information, accuracy of information, price, etc., and the last word regarding any subject related information will be of eateries.
Mixit be exempt from liability for any damage / loss / expense / disruption of any kind that may arise user inter alia, service outages / disruptions / failures / non-availability / disruption of information / information leak or other malfunctions.

Privacy Policy
The use of Mixit app includes registration and identification, in order to study the movement of users and their preference system and collect statistics about use of the user.
Your details and the information collected will be stored information about the company and their use will be made only in accordance with this Privacy Policy or under any law - And for the following purposes:
To enable you to use the Services application.
To identify you during your re-entries and areas that require registration in order to save every time you enter your information.
To improve and expand the services and content offered on the site, including creating new services and content appropriate to the requirements and expectations of users and change or cancel existing services and content. The information used by the Company for this purpose will be mainly statistical information.
To allow you and other users to adjust the services on the website to your preferences.
To occasionally send you e-mail / post / Notfiktziih information regarding services and products of the company, as well as promotional information and information in connection with the products and services of others. Such information will be sent to you if you give explicit consent during the registration application or at any other time. You can opt out at any time, and stop receiving. The company did not give its own initiative the personal information to advertisers to face you direct mail.
To contact you when the Company believes to be necessary.
To analyze and provide statistical information to third parties. This information does not identify you personally.
For proper operation and development of the site.
For any other purpose specified in this privacy policy or terms of use of the site.
Providing information to a third party
Running the application does not share personal information that identifies the user with a third party without the user's consent. However running app may share statistical information summarized in the not identify with advertisers, business partners, funders and other agencies. For example, how often a user uses the application, or which words are most frequently used search engine application.
The operator will not transfer to third parties your personal information gathered on your site activity (as details and information identify you personally), except in the following cases:
Your breach of these Terms and Conditions, or if you use the Site, or in connection with, acts contrary to the law or attempt to perform such actions, and any dispute, claim, action, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and application managers, labor or any on its behalf. In this case, site administrators are allowed to transfer your information to law enforcement agencies, courts, and any additional relevant factor applicable and discretion.
If accepted by the site managers have a court order to hand over the details or information about you to third parties.
Anyway site administrators would believe that sharing information is necessary to prevent serious damage to your person or property or the person or property of a third party.
If the site administrators to organize the activities of other website organizational framework and the case will merge with another entity or merge the operation of the Site with third party activity - They will be entitled to transfer the new organizational framework copy of the information collected about you on the Site or any statistical information in their possession, provided that this framework will assume toward you the owner of this Privacy Policy.
In any other case where you have given your express consent in advance to provide the information. Provisions of this section do not grant rights to any third party app managers require information and will not be considered a contract for the benefit of a third party.

If you do not agree to these terms, you may not access and use any kind of use Mixit service.
If you do not comply with these terms and do not take action immediately, this does not mean we give up any rights we may have, of course we can take action against you in the future.
This agreement is subject to the laws of the State of Israel, and the rules of conflicts of law will not apply to this Agreement or the relationship between you and Mixit.
If an order under the conditions specified herein shall be determined - by a court to be invalid, the invalidity does not affect other provisions herein.
Place the unique and exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any matter arising from the use of the application is only competent courts and use of the application subject to the laws of the State of Israel.
Changes to the terms of use
Do not mind, Mixit reserves the right to change, at its discretion and without the consent of the user, the application's terms of use. Any other available application, can be read the terms of use latest versions on this page
Statement copyright 
 1. Every news content that was uploaded and / or application, including articles, columns, photographs, graphics, illustrations, video files, sound files or any other material is owned and responsibility a source and / or publisher / or writing and / or publisher and / or Associated and / or any other party (the "third parties"), which are responsible for the creation and / or implementation and / or edit and / or publication of news content. Right (if any) new programs (among other intellectual property rights of any kind), belongs factors third of them were taken to the new plans, and manages the site and / or app hereby declares that it does not claim ownership of any and / or seeks to create any impression that the contents Newly created and / or published and / or published by it. Harmful content and / or copyright-infringing 
 2. Extent and injured / the new programs and / or other content available on the site and / or application, and / or if you think that the new programs and / or any other content of the application and / or site infringer and / or any other right, including by not granting recognition (Krdittzih) worthy of the design and / or the reference is invalid (the objectionable content ") Please contact / s and report / s that message to the webmaster and / or application at To bring immediate and effective treatment your notice please follow / s as follows: 
 a. Specify / out the details of full name (first name, last name and contact details contact). 
 on. Specify / out the full address to which the content appears problematic. 
 c. Detail / s why you refer to content in your message is objectionable content (for example, you can not credit reporter / mistake in the name of the reporter / content taken from this news other than specified). We pledge to treat your notice as soon as possible and should it be found that the content is problematic and / or illegal for any reason, we will add and / or change and / or remove it from the site and / or app. This is our commitment does not derogate from the right and / or claim whatsoever I expressed at the site.